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The story of David's Woodturning

Woodturning Artist | David's Woodturning

David Szelpal

Artist and Video Creater

Hey, My name is David and a self-taught wood turning artist. I work with wood and resin to create everyday items for the home as beautiful works of art. From, cutting boards to bowls to lamps I combine the natural beauty of wood with colorful resin to create unique statement pieces for your home. A little bit about me, I have been creating these wood and resin pieces for the past two years but I have been passionate about creating and DIY my whole life. I began at an early age with building wooden guitars and bamboo bows. But as an adult I wanted to expand my interests and turned to experimenting with other materials. I taught myself by researching some techniques by other wood and resin artists on youtube and good old fashioned trial and error! I began with handmade wooden pens and then expanded my portfolio to other items like bowls and lamps. After several months of items piling up in my wood shop I began gifting them to friends and family or sell them to those interested in purchasing. This is also when I began my YouTube channel with the idea of sharing my passion and ideas with others.. I know how much it helped me to have other artists share their techniques and so I wanted to give back to my community.

Thanks for being here and your support.

Sincerely, David

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