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Prepare to be amazed by the artistry and creativity showcased in our meticulously handcrafted Olive Wood and Epoxy Resin Pot. This incredible piece brings together the natural beauty of olive wood cuts and the breathtaking allure of epoxy resin in a harmonious union of elegance and functionality.

From leftovers, a masterpiece emerges. The olive wood cuts, carefully selected for their unique character, serve as the foundation for this extraordinary pot. 

This art and design inspiration knows no boundaries. As a testament to the boundless possibilities of creativity, our little pot showcases that beauty can be discovered in the most unexpected sources. It's a showcase of innovation and craftsmanship, turning leftover materials into a work of art that will grace your space with its captivating presence.

To ensure a flawlessly smooth finish, we meticulously sand the pot to a fine 600 grit, revealing the intricate details of the olive wood grain. Adding an exquisite touch, we treat the pot with Rubio Monocoat, providing both food-safe protection and enhancing the natural beauty of the grains and colors. The result is a pot that not only delights the eyes but also provides practical functionality.




Height: 3.5" / 9cm

Width: 5" / 13cm

Fifty Shade of Grey Lidded Pot

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