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Golf Ball Vase with Mallee Burl Wood

Golf Ball Vase with Mallee Burl Wood

Introducing our extraordinary golf ball vase - a true masterpiece that seamlessly blends the elegance of mallee burl wood with the vibrant allure of golf balls and deep pour epoxy. This unique creation is sure to captivate anyone who appreciates artistry and innovation.


Crafted with precision on a woodturning lathe using carbide chisels, this vase showcases the beauty of mallee burl wood in all its glory. The intricate patterns and rich colors of the wood create a mesmerizing backdrop for the integration of vibrant golf balls.


Each golf ball is carefully placed within the design, adding an unexpected element that sets this vase apart from any other. The combination of natural materials and man-made spheres creates a harmonious fusion that is truly captivating.

To enhance its visual appeal, we incorporate deep pour epoxy into the design. This not only adds depth but also creates a stunning contrast against the wooden backdrop. The glossy finish achieved through epoxy resin application elevates this piece to new heights of sophistication.


Whether displayed as an art piece or used as a functional vase, this hybrid creation will undoubtedly become a conversation starter in any setting. Its unique design and impeccable craftsmanship make it an ideal gift for golf enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates distinctive home decor.


Experience luxury like never before with our remarkable golf ball vase - where nature's beauty meets artistic ingenuity in perfect harmony. Elevate your space or surprise someone special by owning this exceptional piece today!



Height:  6 inch / 15.5

Width: 6.5 inch / 17cm 

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