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Enter a realm of enchantment as we reveal the captivating process of woodturning a mesmerizing hybrid dragon egg. Created from a splendid mallee burl and embellished with lustrous epoxy resin, with colourful dried flowers addied into the resin this masterpiece is destined to leave you spellbound

To achieve a flawless and radiant finish, we meticulously sand and polish the egg, transforming it into a gleaming work of art. The glass-like surface evokes a sense of wonder, while enhancing the natural beauty of the mallee burl.

Incorporating the brilliance of epoxy resin, we infuse the dragon egg with captivating colors and textures. As the resin melds with the wood's imperfections, a breathtaking fusion emerges, revealing a truly distinctive creation that is as striking as it is magical.


Enter a world where fantasy meets craftsmanship, and own a piece of wonder that embodies the intrigue of mythical tales. Whether displayed as an exceptional decorative piece or cherished as a collector's item, this dragon egg is bound to captivate all who behold it.



Width:  3 inch or 8 cm
Height:  4 inch  or 10 cm  

Hybrid Dragon Egg with Dried Flowers

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