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Introducing our stunning Layered World Map Wall Art Project, meticulously crafted from MDF wood using a laser machine. This unique piece of art is designed to captivate and inspire, bringing the beauty of the world into your living space.


Each layer of this exquisite wall art project is carefully cut from MDF wood and painted with different tones of blue, creating a mesmerizing sense of depth and dimension. The intricate details showcase the continents, countries, and oceans in an artistic representation that will spark conversations and ignite wanderlust.


With a diameter of 38cm / 15 inches, this world map is perfectly sized to make a statement on any wall. It's lightweight yet sturdy construction allows for easy hanging with just a single nail or screw - no complicated installation required!

The combination of precision laser cutting and expert painting techniques ensures that every detail is flawlessly executed. The layers are then skillfully glued together to form the final shape - a visually striking masterpiece that will instantly elevate your home decor.


Don't miss out on owning this extraordinary Layered World Map Wall Art Project - order yours today and embark on an artistic journey around the globe!


Please note that the colors may be slightly different

Layered World Map Wall Art

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