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ntroducing our exceptional Olive Wood Shoe Horn - a functional work of art that adds elegance to your everyday routine. Skillfully crafted on a woodturning lathe, this shoe horn is made from a stunning piece of olive wood, known for its rich grain and natural beauty.

The shoe horn is elevated to the next level with the incorporation of vibrant green epoxy resin, creating a captivating contrast and enhancing its visual appeal. 

To achieve a flawless finish, the shoe horn has been meticulously sanded up to an impressive 2000 grit. This high level of detail and care guarantees a silky-smooth surface that feels luxurious to the touch.

As a finishing touch, a protective oil has been applied, enhancing the natural beauty of the olive wood while ensuring longevity and durability. The shoe horn kit has also been expertly installed, ensuring that it is fully functional and ready to use.



Width:  1.75 inch or 4 cm

Height:  16 inch  or 40 cm

Green Hybrid Olive Wood Shoe Horn

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