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Introducing our extraordinary Hybrid Dragon Egg - an enchanting work of art created through the mesmerizing process of woodturning. 

We start with a magnificent piece of olive wood as the base, adding a touch of natural elegance. To bring the dragon egg to life, vibrant golf balls are creatively incorporated, creating a captivating visual display. 

The next step involves casting the entire composition into deep pour epoxy resin, subtly tinted with blue alcohol dye. This infusion creates an alluring depth and mesmerizing shimmer within the resin.

After patiently allowing the resin to cure for one week, the true magic begins. With meticulous attention to detail, the blank is carefully shaped into a perfectly smooth egg form. Finishing touches include the fine sanding process, delicately progressing up to a remarkable 2000-grit finish. The final step involves a skilled buffing to achieve a glass-like, polished surface, showcasing the intricate patterns and vibrant colors.



Width:  5 inch or 12.5 cm

Height:  7.5 inch  or 19 cm

Hybrid Golf Balls Egg

  • Width:  3 inch or 8 cm

    Height:  4 inch  or 10 cm  

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