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Introducing our exquisite mallee burl goblet, a true testament to the beauty and versatility of this remarkable wood. Crafted with passion and precision, this goblet showcases the unique colors and shapes that make this hybrid woodturning project so captivating.

Each piece of this goblet is carefully turned on a lathe, allowing the natural patterns and textures of the burl to shine through.


To enhance its natural allure and provide long-lasting protection, we have meticulously applied a clear lacquer finish. This not only adds an extra layer of durability but also creates a high gloss finish that accentuates the intricate details of the wood.


It's an exquisite display of craftsmanship that will elevate any space. Whether used as an elegant centerpiece or cherished as a collector's item, it is sure to be admired by all who lay eyes upon it.

Indulge in owning a piece crafted from one of nature's most stunning materials



Width:  3.5 inch or 8.5 cm

Height:  6.5 inch  or 16.5 cm  

Purple Hybrid Mallee Burl Goblet

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